What Types of Natural Stone Slab Are Available for Selection in the GTA?

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Natural stone is a wonderful material to use when upgrading your home. There are many different types of natural stone for selection in the GTA, each with their individual properties that suit different purposes in home construction. From strong and durable granite, to soft and supple marble, there are many different natural stone slabs GTA homeowners can choose from. Whether meeting functional needs or aesthetic needs, (and in most cases both), visiting a stone slab showroom is your first step in selecting the right type of natural stone.
Marble: Limestone faced with intense natural conditions changes its composition over time to create luxurious and smooth marble. Often synonymous with sophistication and grandeur, marble provides a wonderfully warm and smooth look to any room of the house. Used predominantly in bathrooms and kitchens, marble slabs provide a dramatic focal point on counter tops, backsplashes, floors and accent pieces. It is softer and more absorbent than other natural stone slabs, so stains from rust, dirt or particularly acidic liquids are quick to stain. Marble surfaces polish nicely with the right tools – use a poultice to absorb stains effectively. Best uses for marble are for backsplashes, pastry surfaces, tub surrounds, fireplace decorating and vanity tops.
Granite: A leader among the natural stone slabs for durability, granite is often the first choice for kitchens and high-traffic areas. Granite can vary in colours and patterns, and often has a salt-and-pepper appearance with flecks of different minerals glistening through rock. Granite slabs are far from boring and offer a broad array of different colours and patterns. Never choose a granite slab by working off of samples alone as patterns can vary from stone to stone. When choosing granite slabs, GTA buyers are urged to go to a showroom to see what’s available.
Onyx: Distinguished and used in a variety of designs, onyx is known for its translucent appearance. Modern designs will use lighting behind the natural stone slab to highlight the beautiful patterns encased within. However, it is more prone to scratches than most of the natural stones. It is recommended to seal onyx stone slabs often to prevent damage. Onyx is not recommended for high traffic areas, but is intended rather for interesting accent pieces. It is best for vanity tops, bath tub accents, shower tiles and interesting surface pieces such as walls where lighting can show off what onyx is made of.
Travertine: A very porous stone, travertine is recognized easily by bubble-like markings in the stone. This is a result of the stone’s formation – hot mineral-rich bubbling springs give travertine this appearance. These unique stones often come in lighter colours like beige, ivory and cream. Use travertine for bathroom countertops, bath tub accents and floors. This type of natural stone slab is very popular for floors as well. Simply fill in the bubble-like holes to make an even surface.
Limestone:  If you’re looking for a unique surface with varying textures, consider limestone! Limestone is a softer stone, similar in many ways to its marble counterpart. Buyers should understand that tender loving care is needed and should be sealed often if used in high-traffic areas in order to maintain its appearance. Limestone is best used as flooring, for bathroom surfaces and entryways.
Visiting a showroom with a wide selection of natural stone slab to choose from in the GTA will give buyers a good idea of what they are looking at. Associates offer expert advice and can help you choose the right natural stone slab to suit your decorating needs. Selecting different types of stone may complement each other, (for example, choosing granite floors with marble counters). Whatever your design needs, businesses specializing in selling natural stone slabs to GTA buyers can help you make the right choice!